Turn Your Passion to Profit 

Join the 8- Week Program and turn your passion to profit!

Are you ready to pursue your passion and purpose in business?

Are you ready to silence your internal hater (limiting beliefs) gain your confidence, and stare fear in the face?

Are you ready to transform your life sis? 

Turn Your Passion to Profit is a 8 week program that is designed for new + emerging women entrepreneurs who are ready to follow their dreams in entrepreneurship.

Over the course of time your limiting beliefs has you stuck and you've been in the same spot, procrastinating and waiting for the perfect time.


 Don't feel ashamed (there are moments in life we all go through sis, just don't stay there) 

You will be the first to have exclusive access to the online application when it opens. 

There will only be 10 spots available for this cohort.

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Turn My Passion to Profit!

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