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Is Fear Holding You Back?

All of us struggle with fear and worry from time to time. In fact, in many cases, fear is actually a good and healthy thing. It causes us to wear seatbelts and try to eat healthy. It’s also natural to be concerned about our health, bank account, job status, children, and more. But if fear gets out of control, it can take over and prevent us from enjoying life. When we’re consumed by fear, we can’t be present for others or do the things we love. It also keeps us from taking any risks. If we’re afraid, we won’t start new businesses, write books, travel or initiate relationships. If we’re going to successfully navigate the often-difficult world in which we live, we need effective strategies for coping with worry and fear. We must learn how to overcome our fears, so we can move toward with the things we desire . What Exactly Is Fear? Fear is a biological response to an internal or external stimulus. A biological response. When you’re afraid, your body goes into “fight or flight” mode. Your heart rate goes up and your adrenaline increases. To an internal or external stimulus. Fear can arise from within or without. Thinking about losing your job (internal stimulus) causes fear. Coming face-to-face with a robber (external stimulus) also causes fear. What you’ll probably discover is that most of your fears are internally created. You are afraid because of what you think will happen rather than what is actually happening. What you feel is real but the circumstances you’re imagining are not. When you understand the true nature of fear, it becomes easier to overcome. You are able to closely examine your anxiety and determine if there is any substance to it. Listen, for years I was terrified to fly. Finally, after wanting to take charge of my life and not let my fear control my life. I dug deep within and found the root to that fear which allowed me to take my first flight by myself which was a five-hour flight. God surrounded me with some pretty dope strangers on my flight to make it even better. Once the wheels touched the pavement in Los Angeles those sitting around me that knew it was my first time flying actually clapped for me! Let's just say flying is not a big deal anymore and I actually enjoy it. I'm always ready to hop on a plan and visit a new place. I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to experiencing the world. Change Your Biology When you’re afraid, your body is ramped up, and it can be very difficult to control your thinking. When you dispel the physical effects of fear, it becomes much easier to dispel the mental effects of fear. So, how do you change your biology? Exercise. When you work out, your body releases endorphins, which make you feel good. If you’re feeling worried, go for a walk or hit the gym sis. Do breathing exercises I recommend meditation. When you’re anxious, you breathe rapidly, which raises your heart rate, increases muscle tension, causes dizziness, and more. Focus on changing your breathing patterns. Relax your muscles. Eat and sleep right. As much as possible, try to eat healthy foods and avoid processed ones (what's in that stuff anyway?). Shoot for somewhere between seven to eight hours of sleep each night. I know it's easier to say but we have to start making the changes for a better life journey. Don't let fear stop you from living the life you deserve. I invite you to schedule a 60-minute Purpose Session

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