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Abundance & Manifestation Coach

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As a lifelong learner, I understand that adopting a new skill can be both exciting and challenging. That’s why I’m committed to supporting you every step of the way on your journey to abundance.

Hello, I'm Angelita businesswoman, and Certified Master Abundance & Manifestation Coach, I help ambitious women such as yourself shift their money mindset so they can create multiple streams of income.

Let's start this journey together!

Upcoming Events

Bonding Business & Brilliance - Women's Retreat
It is an impact assured retreat aimed at empowering women in business, who want to meet and interact with like-minded women on an informal level that makes the bonding process easier.
Oct 27, 4:00 PM – Oct 30, 11:00 AM
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In this free call, you will experience a tiny coaching session and a specific strategy that you can use right now to started with solving a problem on your own. Hop on a call with me and get a sample of what it's like to have a sounding board to share what your struggles are. 

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Free Download

The way you think about money has a real and direct influence on how much money you actually make. Your money mindset can either catapult you to wealth or keep you in poverty. 

If you want to attract wealth, it’s important to adopt a certain mindset. The Money Mindset Reflection Worksheet is designed to assist you with a series of questions and map out what specific steps you need to follow to achieve your dreams and then begin taking those actions.

Kyle C. ~ Entrepreneur

“I normally don't buy into subscriptions, but when it came to creating my business, I was clueless. I purchased a few "pick My Brain" sessions from Coach Angelita, and they have done nothing, but put me in the position to be successful!! Be prepared, once you gain the knowledge, things move fast."

Carol D. ~ Florist Owner 

"You should definitely pick her brain. Angelita has a definite gift when it comes to helping you START and MOVE to the next level! Her excitement about what you're doing rubs off on you. I absolutely loved our session. Iam meeting my goals and success is in my view! All of this in just one meeting. WOW! Thank you, Angelita, for putting me on the pathway to much success!"

Shawn R. ~ Photographer 

“The first meeting was full of insight! I love being coached by Angelita the Coach because she keeps it simple but EFFECTIVE, and she gives me the accountability piece that I needed #letswork” 
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